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The RESET Embodied Score: Carbon, Circularity & Health

The RESET Embodied Standard is a part of Gigabase Inc. The RESET Embodied Standard is a set of assessment tools and services focused around data quality and data transparency with the purpose of helping built environments become healthier and more sustainable. RESET Scores are available in Origin and Matter for paying users to browse. Each RESET score associated with a product listing is calculated in Origin and Matter based on the quality and quantity of data provided by the source. The goal is as always to provide users a faster and simpler way to evaluate materials and their sustainability characteristics.

To see which products score with the RESET Standard, apply one of the RESET Filter options from the left-side toolbar when viewing product lists in the Origin library, your company library, or your individual user library.

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The RESET Embodied Score is available for users to view under the Scoring section of a material detail page. The Carbon score details the GWP data and outputs a score for both transparency of data and quality. The Circularity score details the sub-parts of the circularity score such as source-of-life and end-of-life data. The Health score details toxicity, ingredient information and VOC-related data.

For more information on how to use the score, please visit, and for a better understanding of the standard please refer to When manufacturers upload product data to the Origin, the system computes the appropriate score(s) based on the version of the standard published at that time. When data changes, the score is updated automatically. If a user in Matter chooses to edit a material listing with additional data, applicable data will influence the score and an updated result will appear.